Zoe Laverne exposes cruel messages from trolls threatening her unborn baby's life

11 June 2021, 12:34

Zoe Laverne says people are threatening her unborn baby's life

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Zoe is expecting a baby girl with her fiancé Dawson Day.

Zoe Laverne has shared that people are threatening the life of her unborn baby.

The TikTok star is currently expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her fiancé Dawson Day. When Zoe confirmed her pregnancy back in February she was met with backlash. Some believed she was lying about the pregnancy (she actually took the pregnancy test on social media to prove it), while other's thought the father of the baby was Connor Joyce, now 14, who she admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with.

Zoe soon shut down the rumours, though, confirming that Dawson was in fact the father. The couple, who got engaged in May, will name their daughter Emersyn.

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Zoe Laverne says trolls are threatening her unborn baby's life
Zoe Laverne says trolls are threatening her unborn baby's life. Picture: @zoexlaverne via Instagram

Although it's an incredibly happy time for Zoe, she's being hit with abuse from trolls. On Wednesday (June 9), Zoe shared a TikTok captioned "don’t threaten my unborn child", which showed her scrolling through a series of hate messages rom trolls on her phone.

She then shared a second video responding to a comment, which read: "Ok? We don't care about proof! Worry about the baby that's all that matters. Now screenshot that!"

In response, Zoe said: "You say this but they've been harassing me for several months now. Several. And I was just like, you know, letting it go. I don't really do drama anymore, I'm not really trying to be problematic right now but when it comes to threatening my child's life that's when I'm going to do something about it and I did."

Zoe then exposed another TikToker who had been talking about Zoe's baby. The person said they were "down" to use Zoe's baby as pizza toppings and they "know where she lives".

She said: "Thoughts on Emersyn? She sounds like a fucking cowgirl, she’s gonna grow up and bully people. She’s gonna be ugly as fuck, she’s gonna have braces and fucking two pigtails up here, and be like, 'You’re ugly, give me your lunch money.'" Other comments included "Zoe should miscarry 2021" and I hope Emersyn dies".

People commented on how disgusting the trolling was and despite Zoe's problematic past the trolls were going "too far". Zoe hasn't confirmed if she would be taking further action and reporting the trolls to the police, but we'll update you if she does.