This YouTuber has gone viral because she looks exactly like Zendaya

2 July 2019, 14:19

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This is insane…

There's a theory that everyone has at least seven people in the world who look exactly like them and the internet has just happened to stumble upon Zendaya's doppelgänger – Aisha Mian.

Zendaya just dyed her hair RED and everyone is losing it

The 18-year-old YouTuber has gone viral for her uncanny resemblance to the Euphoria actress and now we can't unsee it. The perfectly arched brows? Check. Glowing skin? Check. And curly tresses? Check, check. Aisha, who hails from New York, also has a twin sister called Azra. Yes, that means Zendaya is a triplet… sort of.

Zendaya and Aisha Main selfies.
Zendaya and Aisha Main selfies. Picture: Instagram:@zendaya/Twitter:@aisha_mian2

Aisha, who is of Pakistani-Albanian heritage according to her Instagram page, was discovered when her sister shared a video of her dancing in the car just like Zendaya famously did. You've probably seen Zendaya's on-point rendition of 'Yoncé' by Beyoncé and the 'No Flex Zone (Remix)' by Nicki Minaj. Well, Aisha recreated it down to the messy bun and dance moves. The clip now has almost 475,000 Likes on Twitter.

Don't believe she's Zendaya's absolute double? Well just take a quick peek at her Instagram..

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This way

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You’re my gift 💌

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…and these comparisons on Twitter.

People can't actually believe they're not related.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time Aisha has been compared to Zendaya. It's been happening for years now. "I first heard the comparison to the Zendaya around two years ago," she told Seventeen

"I usually get compared to her when I leave my hair naturally curly. I don't think I look like her, but I think we have many similar features like our eyebrows, jawline and hair."

Of course, being compared to Zendaya isn't exactly offensive and Aisha doesn't mind it one bit. She continued: "I am a huge fan of Zendaya, ever since she was on Disney Channel and when she put out music a while back. She is also very inspiring and one of those people I look up to."

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Thank you sun

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