The 'which meme are you?' Instagram filter will reveal your inner meme

3 January 2020, 15:59

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Are you the shocked Pikachu or are you the Spongebob's pink glasses? The 'which meme are you?' or 'Que MEME eres?' Instagram filter will reveal all...

It's only our third day out here and 2020 has been truly delivering on the Instagram filter front. In fact, that's all we've been doing since Christmas day. Staring into the front-facing camera on our phones, waiting for the Harry Potter filter to tell us that, yes, we are Hermione Granger.

We've tried the Disney character Instagram filter. We've had a go at the 2020 predictions Instagram filter. But now, it's time we discovered once and for all... which meme are you?

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Oh yes, there's now an Instagram filter called 'Que MEME eres', created by user @aaronjandette, that'll actually tell you which iconic reaction image you are. Of course, the result is completely random but honestly? It all comes down to fate if you ask us. Use the filter once and accept your meme destiny.

This Instagram filter tells you which meme you are
This Instagram filter tells you which meme you are. Picture: @aaronjandette via Instagram, Nintendo

How to find and use the "Which meme are you?" Instagram filter:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram on your phone.

2) Search aaronjandette and swipe to the left to access their filters.

3) Tap on the 'Que MEME eres' filter option to see it.

5) Click 'Try It' in the bottom lefthand corner, or 'Save It' to your camera by tapping the downward arrow button in the bottom righthand corner. The filter will then stay to the left of your main button on your camera screen.

6) Press and hold to film yourself.

7) Find out which meme you are.

There's a handful of results on the filter, including but not limited to: Doge, shocked Pikachu, Awkward Shock Puppet, Lisa Simpson with coffee, Lisa Simpson's Dinner, Arthur's Fist, Masturbating Spider-Man, Spongebob's pink glasses, Marge Simpson krumping, Crying cat, various other cats and multiple other dogs.