The 'Where y'all sitting?' meme is dividing the internet in the funniest way

5 August 2019, 17:12

breakfast dining view - stock photo, Kris Jenner laughing.
breakfast dining view - stock photo, Kris Jenner laughing. Picture: eyecrave, EllenTube via YouTube
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Please, don't make us decide between Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth. We simply cannot.

Life is all out tough decisions and no decision is tougher than deciding where to sit to eat your lunch. Well, a new meme is making it just that little bit harder by putting your favourite people on different tables and then you have to decide where to eat your sandwich.

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The meme is pretty simple. All you need is a picture of multiple tables and then decide on your chosen subject matter (Tip: the more controversial the better). You'll then need to split these things between the tables, making sure it's difficult to choose where to sit. Next, ask your followers where they'd like to sit and watch the arguing begin in your mentions.

From Disney channel TV shows to Taylor Swift singles, the versatile meme works for all and it's leaving a lot of people torn.

Sometimes you just want all the tables.

Oh, the memories.

No, we can't possibly choose.


Whatever the question Beyoncé is always the answer.

Lana or Ari?

Guess we're sitting outside.


I'm sitting in the library.

Fine, we'll pick...Tom Holland?

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