"Venom" tattoos are going viral on TikTok which actually say "Women"

10 May 2021, 16:11

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Why are people getting "Venom" tattoos on TikTok? Here's what they actually mean.

Tattoos are the perfect way to express your individuality, pay tribute to loved ones and… probably anger your parents. But like all things, tattoo trends change throughout time. Whether you're influenced by celebrity tattoos or by what you see on social media, no doubt there's always a tattoo trend to hop on.

You've probably seen lots of people sharing their "Venom" tattoos on TikTok and, no, it has nothing to do with poisonous snakes or other venomous creatures.

Venom tattoos are having a moment because people have noticed that if you write it in a specific font the word can look like "Women" upside down. It's now being used as a symbol of empowerment among women.

It might look like a magic trick or sorcery but a good tattoo artist will be able work out a way to write it into a font that spells both venom and women interchangeably. Don't worry, if you don't feel like you want to commit to having "Venom" permanently etched into your skin you can simply use a pen.

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"Venom" tattoos that have an amazing hidden meaning are going viral on TikTok
"Venom" tattoos that have an amazing hidden meaning are going viral on TikTok. Picture: @bitchassky via TikTok, LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images

What is the Venom song on TikTok? What do you the lyrics mean?

Believe it or not, the tattoo trend has actually been turned into a challenge. People are showing off their new ink to the song 'Venom' by Little Simz.

The song is actually from Little Simz's 2019 album Grey Area and is all about misogyny. The lyrics at the end of the first verse is what people have particularly honed in on.

Little Simz raps: "It's a woman's world, so to speak / Pussy, you sour/ Never givin' credit where it's due 'cause you don't like pussy in power / Venom."

Here's some of the best Venom tattoo design tutorials and videos on TikTok.

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