23 'Us' memes that will make you and your tethered laugh out loud

25 March 2019, 14:17

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

'Us' memes from Jordan Peele's terrifying follow up to 'Get Out'. From Jason and Pluto to Winston Duke in his boxers, everything from the film is getting the meme treatment.

Jordan Peele's Us, the long awaited follow-up to Get Out, is already smashing box office records. In its first weekend, Us raked in a cool $70 million, the highest ever opening for an R-rated film. Of course, with the early success of Us came the online reaction and memes about the film. Everyone from Adelaide to Red and even Gabe's boxers got the meme treatment and the internet's reactions to Us are absolutely hilarious.

Here are some of the funniest Us memes on the internet.


People left the theatre feeling shook... to say the least.

Us is definitely a film that sticks with audiences. With the amount of Easter eggs, hidden meanings, and that unbelievable Adelaide/Red twist, Jordan Peele's latest masterpiece is one that stays with viewers long after they've left the theatre.

Some of you have never had to eat raw rabbit in a shadow society and it shows.

In Us, it is established that the shadow society underground sustained itself by eating raw rabbits while their overground counterparts were able to enjoy sunlight, fresh air, and good food. After the tethered leave the tunnels and go above ground, the rabbits roam around, which makes for quite an eerie visual.

Jason vs Pluto was QUITE the dynamic.

The scene where Winston Duke was wearing boxers in the bed had fans truly shook.

We need to talk about Winston Duke and we need to never stop talking about him.

When Gabe said "we can get crazy", he didn't even realise just HOW crazy.

When I tell you my soul left my body...

At the end of Us, we see what happened to childhood Adelaide when she went into the hall of mirrors. Her tethered attacks her, drags her into the tunnel, and cuffs her to the bed. She then takes her place above ground, assuming her life and growing up as Adelaide.

All of us looking at our moms after the Adelaide/Red revelation.

After seeing Us, me and my tethered might just link up.

Us (2019 dir Jordan Peele)

All we're saying is...give Lupita Nyong'o her things!!!

Us sends viewers on a haunting thrill ride that they won't soon forget. The internet's memes and reactions to the movie have been so hilarious, even your tethered is bound to get a kick out of them.

What did you guys think of Jordan Peele's Us movie? ✂️