The "hot dad meme" is breaking the internet and it's hilarious

2 April 2019, 13:01

Steve Carell arrives at the 87th Annual Academy Awards/Rihanna thirsting
The "hot dad meme" is breaking the internet and it's hilarious. Picture: Getty/Yahoo
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

A viral tweet has inspired some hilarious hot dad memes.

Are you a dad looking to break into the modelling industry? Well, we've found your ticket in and it's super easy. All you need to do is post your hottest photos to Twitter and say that you're pursuing a modelling career, now watch the bookings roll in. Oh, and if you're lucky enough, you'll become a meme in the process.

The best memes of 2019 (so far)

It all started with former pastor turned aspiring model Clint Hayslett. Clint's son Collin tried to help his old man out by showing off his modelling shots on Twitter. "My dad is 45, pursuing a modeling career, and I’ve never seen him happier," he tweeted. "He told me he's just waiting for a chance to blow up. So, Twitter, meet my dad."

It actually worked too. Not only was everyone thirsting over Collin's incredibly hot father, but he let everyone know that Clint is now working on his own signature pair of sunglasses and has a photoshoot lined up next week – the power of the internet is mind-blowing.

Not only did Collin catapult his dad's career but his initial tweet has now inspired some hilarious memes and people are posting celebrities and claiming they're their hot dads.

So here's a collection of some of the best. Let's start with the ultimate dad(dy), Steve Carell.

How could you not love the legend that is Danny DeVito?

An icon.

Um, he's no father of mine.

Nothing but love for my p... DAD.

So wholesome.

Yes, I have four dads.

He would always tell me: "Not today Satan! Not today!"

The meme is surprisingly versatile too, it's not just limited to dads.

We been knew Celine Dion is a model.

This. Right. Here.

Slayyyy mom.

Scarlett Johansson can and will be anything she wants to be.

It's what she deserves.


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