Try Guys star Zach Kornfeld says he's "sick" of hearing about the Ned Fulmer drama

12 October 2022, 15:52

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Zach Kornfeld took to TikTok to air his frustrations over Ned's cheating scandal and the ramifications that it's had.

Zach Kornfeld says that he's "sick" of hearing about the Try Guys and Ned Fulmer's cheating scandal in a brand new video.

If you've been on the internet at all lately, you will have seen that the Try Guys have been all over the news. It all began when photos of Ned Fulmer appearing to cheat on his wife went viral online. The Try Guys later announced that they had decided to fire Ned from the group and Ned confirmed that he had "had a consensual workplace relationship" with a colleague.

Since then, the Try Guys have dominated headlines and posted several videos addressing the drama and the future of the group. Now, Try Guys member Zach Kornfeld had taken to TikTok to ask the media to stop reporting their every move.

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Try Guys star Zach Kornfeld says he&squot;s "sick" of hearing about the Ned Fulmer drama
Try Guys star Zach Kornfeld says he's "sick" of hearing about the Ned Fulmer drama. Picture: @korndiddy via TikTok, Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

In a new TikTok, Zach says: "At this point, I'm also sick of hearing about us." He then points to a Variety article titled: The Try Guys Detail Ned Fulmer’s Ousting in New Podcast Episode and says: "Variety wrote this about one of our podcast episodes which really didn't need to be a headline at all. It makes us look like we're doing this whole media tour, which is weird."

Zach continues: "That's not the problem, the problem is, they did one of those Twitter threads for it and they used this photo of me, which is the worst photo of me. Who did I hurt at Variety? And then they continue the Twitter thread and they quote me and say: 'My BMs have been wild. The stress poops have been out of control. What are you doing?!"

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While Zach has taken issue with Variety's pull quotes, he did say those things on an episode of TryPods last week (Oct 6). Explaining how Ned's cheating scandal and subsequent firing has affected him personally, Zach says verbatim: "My BMs have been wild. The stress poops have been out of control."

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