The Try Guys are now posting memes about the whole Ned Fulmer situation

6 October 2022, 12:24

The Whole Try Guys Scandal Explained, Fans Lose It Over Emma's Kitchen - & More! | YouTuber News

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Looking at all this merch about to hit goodwill."

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If you've been on the internet over the past week, you'll have no doubt heard about the drama involving Ned Fulmer from The Try Guys and the accusations that he cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmer. Ned later confirmed those rumours in a statement, and the remaining three Try Guys also shared a statement of their own.

Earlier this week (Oct 4), The Try Guys (Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang) then released another video statement addressing the Ned situation and how they came to the decision to remove him from the group.

Shortly after the video dropped, fans and Twitter users quickly flooded the platform with memes about their statement (with a very strong focus on Eugene's furious reaction – if you know, you know)...

And incase you were wondering how the Try Guys were doing after posting that emotional video... well, they're now posting memes about the whole situation themselves.

The Try Guys are now meme-ing the Ned Fulmer scandal
The Try Guys are now meme-ing the Ned Fulmer scandal. Picture: Try Guys via YouTube, @tryguys via Twitter

Over on the Try Guys' official Instagram account, the chosen vibe appears to be: Lite chaos.

In a tweet referencing Reddit where the rumours and photos of Ned cheating on Ariel first surfaced, the account wrote, “Did you see that crazy try guys thing on Reddit??”, before tweeting a picture of "Keith's teeth".

They also shared a short clip of Keith back in business filming...whatever the hell he was filming on a GoPro.

Zach has also officially logged on and is back to shitposting/frogposting, teasing his unreleased tweet drafts in light of the guys not being able to say what they really want to for legal reasons.

Commenting on all the wasted merch that presumably includes references to Ned that will no longer be sold due to his removal from the group, Zach wrote: "looking at all this merch about to hit goodwill".

Meanwhile, Keith made reference to his 2016 tweet, "blah blah blah. joke joke joke. commentary," a.k.a. the three things that make up Twitter. Clearly, the last three days on our timelines has proved that.

Over on TikTok, the group also referenced their own statements following Ned's removal. In a short video, captioned 'What we wanted to say last week', Zach and Keith can be seen walking out into a field with Eugene on FaceTime before screaming at the top of their lungs.

As they walk back to the camera, they hold the phone up and Eugene takes a sip of tea from his mug.

Speaking of Eugene, he hasn't posted any memes about the situation, but he did share a tweet calling out some of the commentary that has popped up on the internet over the past few days.

Eugene called out all the "I thought they were all gay" tweets from people who have stumbled into the Ned drama and discovered the Try Guys for the first time, saying: "[It] is not the insult you think it is."

In a follow up tweet, he wrote: "Really fucking tired of children resorting to anti-queer rhetoric in the presence of hetero cottage cheese shenanigans."

Hetero cottage cheese shenanigans. Incredible.

Read more about The Try Guys here:

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