Trisha Paytas defends their decision to use OnlyFans while pregnant following backlash

5 April 2022, 15:23

Trisha Paytas hears their baby's heartbeat during ultrasound at 11 weeks

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Yasss making porn with your unborn child who cant consent to being sexually exploited you are such a slay girl boss the house."

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Trisha Paytas has defended themself after people said they shouldn't be creating OnlyFans content while pregnant.

The YouTuber is currently expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon and the baby is due in September. Before their pregnancy, Trisha created explicit content for their fans on OnlyFans, and now pregnant, Trisha has continued.

Last month, Trisha shared a topless photo of themself on Twitter to promote their OnlyFans page. In the image, Trisha is kneeling down in the grass and cupping their stomach while their hair just about covers their boobs.

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Trisha Paytas defends their decision to use OnlyFans while pregnant following backlash
Trisha Paytas defends their decision to use OnlyFans while pregnant following backlash. Picture: blndsundoll4mj via YouTube, @TrishaPaytas via Twitter

While shocking to some, Trisha often shares semi-nude photos on their Twitter account. Earlier in March, Trisha shared two nude photos of themself and censored their chest with emojis. They then teased that the uncensored version would be available on their OnlyFans page for paying subscribers.

Trisha clearly knew the backlash their nude tweets would incite because they captioned their most recent one: "Cue incoming sex work shaming because I’m a mom comments… NEW CONTENT JUST POSTED. Full sets and videos."

People criticised Trisha for creating content for OnlyFans while pregnant.

However, other sex workers defended Trisha and said they had also received hateful comments about their chosen career path too.

This hasn't been the first time people have questioned Trisha's parenting skills, though. Trisha was forced to clap back at trolls who said they're not stable enough to be a mother because of their history of making problematic statements and self-diagnosing themself with mental health conditions.

In response, Trisha said: "I actually feel bad for these people. That's not me being patronising. These are people who actually hate their own lives and are probably going through something in their own lives. And how do I know this? Because I was that person for probably a decade on the internet. I hated and judged other people and criticised other people because I was so unhappy."

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