Trisha Paytas admits they don't shower everyday

24 March 2022, 17:12

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

First Tana Mongeau, now THIS!?

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Trisha Paytas has admitted that they don't shower daily.

From regularly feuding with other YouTubers to making problematic statements, Trisha is known for being a bit of a divisive character on social media. But they may have pushed the internet too far this time.

On Wednesday (Mar 23), Trisha shared a TikTok video and opened up about her hygiene habits. The clip was set to a soundbite from one of Kim Kardashian's interviews. Kim says: "It's just never been my thing. Not into it. Not approved by me."

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Trisha Paytas admits she doesn't shower everyday.
Trisha Paytas admits she doesn't shower everyday. Picture: Trisha Paytas via YouTube, @trishlikefish88 via TikTok

While Trisha mouthed Kim's statement, multiple captions were on screen. Basically, Trisha listed all the things that they're not fond of. The list starts out with things you would maybe expect like ketchup, saving money, gaming and then… showering everyday!?

As you can imagine, Trisha's followers were confused that Trish not only skips on daily showers but they freely admitted to it in front of their 6.8 million followers. "I understand not washing hair every day buttttt showering???" one user commented.

Another added: "mmm showering everyday????" And a third quipped: "It's the showering everyday for me."

Surprisingly, some people actually defended Trisha. One person said: "Showering everyday is just not it." While another agreed, and commented: "Right, who showers everyday like... who got time for that + its bad for ur skin."

The great showering debate has plagued the internet since the beginning of time. (Remember that cursed time on social media when people were confessing that they never wash their legs!?) But in case you didn't know, there's actually no right number of showers someone should take.

Because everyone's skin is unique and our activity levels or working environments differ, it's hard to know when someone might require a shower. Also, some people living with disabilities are unable to shower daily. Dermatologists generally say showering everyday is totally fine but showering at least twice a week is perfectly adequate too.

But if you can shower daily you probably should…

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