Trisha Paytas is being accused of "blackmailing" Gabi DeMartino by Gabbie Hanna

11 November 2019, 17:54

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Apparently, Gabbie Hanna spread rumours that Trisha had an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

After Shane Dawson revealed he would be leaving the James Charles and Jeffree Star drama out of his ongoing documentary series, we thought YouTube would be a peaceful and harmonious place. Well, it lasted all of two seconds. This time, it's Trisha Paytas who has been at war with YouTubers Gabbie Hanna and Gabi DeMartino – and it's so messy.

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It all kicked off when Trisha sat down to rant about Gabbie Hanna on her kitchen floor in a 14-minute video titled "WHY I DON'T TRUST GABBIE HANNA". In the video, Trisha went off on Gabbie for "spreading rumours" about her. Apparently, in 2017, Gabbie warned Trisha's ex-boyfriend Jason Nash to "be careful" because Trisha has herpes – which Trisha has denied. "Gabbie! Have we slept together?" Trisha shouted to camera. "Have I showed you my STD results!? Are you my doctor? Did you swab my vagina?"

Gabi DeMartino, Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna.
Gabi DeMartino, Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spotify, blndsundoll4mj via YouTube, John Shearer/Getty Images for MTV

When Trisha confronted Gabbie about the herpes rumour, she said that a very close friend of Trisha's had told her the information and she was merely looking out for Jason. Trisha also said that she had only met Gabbie twice in her life and one time was when she practically begged her to go to her birthday party.

Gabbie responded to Trisha's claims on her Instagram Story – but did not mention Trisha's name – and insisted that she did not "gossip" about her having herpes. She said: "Now I have a genuine question that I want to ask to the general pubic. If somebody tells you that someone has an STD – an incurable STD – it comes from a close friend of theirs, a source, and then you find out that your friend is sleeping with them is it wrong of you to say, 'Hey just so you know, I've heard this, don't know if it's true but this person told me. Talk to them about it, ask them about it.' Is that fucked up? I'm just genuinely curious?

Gabbie Hanna Instagram Story.
Gabbie Hanna Instagram Story. Picture: @gabbiehanna via Instagram

"This isn't you going around telling everyone that this person has an STD, this is that you know somebody you know and care about it sleeping with them, did they talk about this, don't know if it's true. This is what I heard, just be careful. Check it out." Gabbie went on to say she would be "fucking livid" if one of her friend's knew and had not spoken to her about it.

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She added: "All I know is, I've been painted as a villain for a year or two years." Gabbie also posted text messages between her and Trisha and said "everything on YouTube is fake and lies and that's why you don't see me with YouTubers".

Gabbie Hanna Tweets.
Gabbie Hanna Tweets. Picture: @GabbieHanna via Twitter

It got even messier when Gabi DeMartino got inserted firmly in the middle of the chaos. In text messages, Gabbie H reached out to Gabi D – who is friends with both YouTubers – to ask if Trisha had talked about her whilst they were at an Ariana Grande concert. Gabi D said, no, Trisha had not spoken about her. Gabbie H then said she would text Trisha and see if she liked her, but Gabi D advised her not to. Gabbie H did anyway and it all kicked off over message. Later, Gabi D admitted she lied to Gabbie about what Trisha said in order to cover for her.

Trisha Paytas Twitter.
Trisha Paytas Twitter. Picture: @trishapaytas via Twitter

It didn't stop there either. Gabbie H then accused Trisha of blackmail and said Gabi called her "sobbing" because Trisha had "threatened" to expose her secrets. In response, Trisha posted another 40-minute video titled "GABBIE HANNA CAN'T STOP LYING". Trisha then threatened to get her lawyers involved after being accused of blackmail.

Anyway, it's all one big mess and the internet was truly divided on this one.

Gabbie has now deleted all of her Instagram Stories and vowed not to talk about the drama again... although, she did record a podcast with Gabi spilling the tea on it all. Meanwhile, Gabi D has said that she has blocked Trisha on social media and vowed not to be friends with her.

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