#TomHollandBetterPrayUp memes are going viral thanks to Golden G's 'Zendaya' lyrics

16 July 2019, 16:36

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

TomHollandBetterPrayUp memes trend on Twitter after the lyrics to 'Zendaya' by Golden G go viral.

TomHollandBetterPrayUp is trending on social media following the popularity of Golden G's new song 'Zendaya'. People are meme-ing the hashtag, which is a direct lyric from the song about the Spider-Man: Far From Home actress.

On 'Zendaya', Golden G raps about Zendaya with lyrics like, "Recently I'm feeling way up, I might make the goal Zendaya" and "Tom Holland better pray up", an apparent reference to a rumoured relationship between the pair – which both have denied.

Listen to 'Zendaya' by Golden G below.

GOLDEN G - Zendaya #tomhollandbetterprayup

The video on YouTube for 'Zendaya' features clips and photographs of the actress and, yes, there is definitely a theme emerging here. The song covers other topics, but the repetitive chorus is essentially about feeling confident enough to pursue Zendaya. There is even a Greatest Showman reference thrown into the mix.

Fans of Zendaya and Tom Holland soon discovered the song, which was released July 12.

Now #TomHollandBetterPrayUp memes are trending on Twitter and they're priceless.

We're not gonna lie. RDJ dancing to 'Zendaya' hits different.

Some folks imagined what Tom Holland must be thinking after hearing that "Tom Holland better pray up" line.

I just wanna know what Zendaya thinks.

A diss track? I would like to hear it.

Now maybe if the song was called "JAKE"...

Listen, it's funny but it's also WILD.

While Zendaya has not publicly responded to the #TomHollandBetterPrayUp tag, she DID like this meme on Twitter.

Make of that what you will.