The "today's tea" meme is hilarious and best served piping hot

11 February 2019, 17:35

Today's tea meme and Harry Styles with a mug.
The "today's tea" meme is so savage. Picture: Twitter/Pinterest
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

People are spilling the tea in meme form and it's getting extremely messy.

We know a good meme when we see one and lately the meme Gods have been coming through. Whether it's Katie Price's This Morning rant, the "thank u, next" memes or, Aladdin memes, they've just kept on coming. Now it's time to add something new to the best memes of 2019 – the today's tea meme.

The meme is pretty simple. People just use a template of dashes and bracelets to create a giant steaming mug of tea and inside is the bare-faced truth. From why your tragic dating life is failing, to your secret music tastes, be warned, this meme might sting you to the core.

Welp, want the truth? Well, here it is…

The meme certainly doesn't hold back.

Or sugarcoat anything.

But it can be triggering.

Wig, snatched.

Well, that told us.



Ain't that the truth.

Drag them!

No lies detected.

A message.

So true.

Ah, the internet remains undefeated.