Who is Britt Barbie? Period Ahh Period Uhh memes go viral on TikTok

20 September 2022, 12:03

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Baby Tate, Bebe Rexha and Chlöe have all added their own verses to Britt Barbie's viral 'Period Ahh Period Uhh' TikTok.

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If you've been on the internet over the past few days, you might have come across one of the many viral tweets or a TikTok duet with someone singing along to an absolutely bizarre "song" called "Period Ahh Period Uhh".

Last week (Sept 10), a TikTok user named Britt Barbie went viral thanks to a video in which she repeatedly sings "Period Ahh Period Uhh" over a beat. That video quickly amassed around 34 million views and 4 million likes as of September 20th.

But who the hell is Britt Barbie, where did she come from and what does "Period Ahh Period Uhh" actually mean? Here's what you need to know.

Who is the Period Ahh Period Uhh girl?

Who is Britt Barbie? What does Period Ahh Period Uhh mean?
Who is Britt Barbie? What does Period Ahh Period Uhh mean? Picture: @brittbarbie3 via TikTok

Who is Britt Barbie?

Britt Barbie is a TikToker who has around 750k followers. She mostly posts videos about hauls and opening blind bags. Earlier this year, Britt Barbie also went viral for apparently not knowing that hair grew out of your scalp.

Britt went viral when she posted the "Period Ahh Period Uhh" video on September 10th. Since then, Britt Barbie's other video views have spiked massively, sending a lot of her TikToks well over the 5 million view mark.

Shortly after the "Period Ahh Period Uhh" video went viral, singers and rappers began duetting and putting their own verses onto the track, including Baby Tate, Chlöe and Bebe Rexha.

What does 'Period Ahh Period Uhh' mean?

Britt Barbie began using the phrase "Period Ahh" in her haul videos. After every item shown on camera, she says, "Period Ahh". It's unclear if it's a joke and she's exaggerating what she's saying, playing up to the comments or not. In various videos on her account, Britt Barbie appears to speak in her real voice.

Britt Barbie has also not explained what "Period Ahh Period Uhh" actually means yet.

For those not in the know, "Period or Periodt" is AAVE (African American Vernacular English) that made its way into the internet lexicon. The slang term means: "Period with added emphasis. Periodt is an internet slang interjection that signifies the end of a conversation."

Baby Tate, Chlöe and Bebe Rexha are among the artists who have already duetted and rapped their verses alongside Britt Barbie's original TikTok. Cardi B has also referenced the saying on social media too.

The reaction to Britt Barbie has been mixed. While some find the "Period Ahh Period Uhh" thing funny, others have called out the creator for the use of a 'Blaccent'.

Memes about the whole thing are now going viral on social media too.

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