The 'Flex Challenge' is taking over TikTok and here's how to do it

23 January 2020, 17:32

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Here's how to do the 'Flex Challenge' on TikTok.

In life, there are three things you can count on – death, taxes and a new TikTok challenge. The platform gave us the difficult 'Chair Challenge', the rather questionable 'Cereal Challenge' and, most recently, the 'Renegade Dance Challenge'. Well, prepare to meet your latest obsession – the 'Flex Challenge'.

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The latest TikTok challenge is currently flooding our feeds with hoards of people trying (and failing) to twist and contort their bodies in order to complete it. But how do you do it? Hold tight and we'll explain all.

What is the 'Flex Challenge'?

The 'Flex Challenge' is taking over TikTok and here's how to do it
The 'Flex Challenge' is taking over TikTok and here's how to do it. Picture: @jax_kranitz via TikTok

Now, if you want to complete the Flex Challenge you'll need some flexibility. Perhaps even a warm up first.

First, the person will need to lie on the floor stomach down with their hands firmly behind their back. Next, they need to get up by somehow hitting the splits and swinging their legs up round to the side of their body – but without rolling on their sides to make it easier. Once their legs are in front of them, they should be able to get onto their feet. Remember, hands behind your back at all times.

Simple, really…


Who created the 'Flex Challenge'?

According to Know Your Meme, the Flex Challenge started with Jax Kranitz (@jax_kranitz) on 4 January, who effortlessly managed to get up from the plank position in seconds without even leaning to either side (it's worth noting she's a gymnast.) Under the hashtag #NewFlexChallenge, the video quickly racked up over 700,000 likes on TikTok.

Are the 'Flex Challenge' and the 'Fish Challenge' the same?

The 'Flex Challenge' and the 'Fish Challenge are very similar, yes. TikTok user Ashley Jenkins (@ashbashuno) actually got the ball rolling with the Flex Challenge under the name The Fish Challenge in December last year.

@ashbashuno shared a video of herself (30 Dec) and her boyfriend attempting to get up from the floor with their hands behind their backs. Unlike Jax Kranitz, who hit the splits, @ashbashuno attempted to push themselves up with their knees. But still, they had to stand up without rolling onto their sides.

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