TikTok 'Name A Woman' trend: The meaning behind the 'boyfriend' challenge

5 December 2023, 12:23

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Mine said Dolly Parton… how can I be mad at him."

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Another day, another TikTok challenge that see the girlfriends of the world put their boyfriends to the test. Earlier this summer, the Barbie boyfriend relationship test took over the FYP and now the 'Name A Woman' challenge here is.

The trend was started on TikTok by @taniatotanesmartinez, who urged users to ask their boyfriends to name a woman. "If that guy says any other name than yours, you should start a fight," she continued.

The original TikTok prompt has now been viewed over 6 million times, and her video has been stitched by countless people on the platform sharing the hilarious responses from their boyfriends.

What does TikTok's 'Name A Woman' trend mean?

TikTok's Name A Woman trend is going viral and the results are hilarious
TikTok's Name A Woman trend is going viral and the results are hilarious. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images, @alixearle via tiktok

Basically, the 'Name A Woman' challenge is a trend that aims to try and 'catch out' boyfriends for a hilarious reaction – particularly if they don't say their girlfriend's name. It's lighthearted, it's a bit of harmless fun, and it's not intended to be serious. (People aren't taking the 'fight him' part of the prompt literally either.)

The prompt is just vague enough to make the boyfriends question what is being asked. As a result, people are sharing the hilarious and varied responses. From celebrity crushes to iconic female figures, some of the answers are perfect.

In the comments to the original prompt, one user wrote: "My man just said Amelia Earhart…. I have no clue what to do with this…" Another added: "Mine said Dolly Parton… how can I be mad at him"

And when they start giving random girls names, it's even funnier. "Mine said REBECCA? who is rebecca?" one user wrote in the comments.

See some of the funniest 'Name A Woman' videos below.

Helen Keller. Sydney Sweeney. A random girl's name... And then there's Alix Earle who tried the trend with her boyfriend, Braxton Barrios, who immediately said "Alix".

"Duh, how stupid do you think I am," he continued as she continued laughing.

Several other answers have popped up in the responses too. Some have commented that they've said their mum's name, and one really sweet reply says: "My husband said the name we have picked out for our future daughter."

As funny and trivial as the trend is, one person summed it up perfectly in the comments of Alix's video: "The bar is in hell – we're like 'omgggg he said my name!"

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