TikTok pasta guy 'itsqcp' apologises after racist videos are unearthed

6 January 2020, 15:16

Itsqcp on TikTok
Itsqcp on TikTok. Picture: @itsqcp via TikTok
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I had no bad intention and now learned of my mistake, which is to not use stereotypes like those for comedic use."

You've probably seen videos of a New Jersey man aggressively making pasta breaking the internet right now. Itsqcp practically became famous overnight and we were already seeing a cooking show on the horizon. But, it didn't last long. People have already discovered the TikTok star's old racist videos.

Itsqcp blew up after starting The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show on TikTok. Itsqcp shared a cooking tutorial of himself aggressively making spaghetti and meatballs in a white tank top. The video was a hit, so Itsqcp decided to make more videos, adding a variety of pasta-based recipes to the series. The four episodes garnered almost 4.5 million likes on TikTok.

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Itsqcp, who actually hails from North Carolina, was famous for around 10 mins before his old, problematic videos were unearthed. A video of Itsqcp doing "impressions" (without the New Jersey accent) was shared on Twitter and in the clip he impersonates an "angry ghetto girl" and a "ghetto Black man". In another video, Itsqcp referred to an Asian woman as "the woman from your nail salon". Yikes.

Itsqcp responded to the backlash by calling people "sensitive". In a since-deleted tweet, he said: "People are so sensitive. I made a video doing impersonations and now I'm 'racist'? Y'all will call someone racist if they don't use pepper on their food lmao."

Understandably, his unapologetic response received backlash, which led him to actually apologise. "My apologies to who ever is offended," he tweeted. "No bad intentions." He apologised again in a video posted on Twitter, saying that he used to post so many videos a day he didn't even think about the content.

"The impersonations were really exaggerated and honestly offensive," he explained. "I clearly wasnโ€™t thinking that anyone would be offended, and I completely understand why. It was too extreme. Stereotyping is definitely very popular in the comedy world, but it can obviously be taken very offensively and very personal. Iโ€™m not racist at all. I donโ€™t know why that one video has to define me like that."

Itsqcp went into further detail in an interview with Daily Dot, he added: "I posted a video doing impersonations of a few different nationalities and races, but it was perceived different than I intended, leaving people offended, which I understand. I had no bad intention and now learned of my mistake, which is to not use stereotypes like those for comedic use."

He continued: "Nothing I can do but hope they accept that it was a mistake, and I learned from it. Iโ€™m so far from racist, and thatโ€™s why I wasnโ€™t even thinking when I posted it."

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