This viral TikTok beauty hack tames fluffy hair in seconds using tin foil

6 July 2022, 17:30

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It has to be magic!?

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Behold! Another TikTok beauty hack to add to your already bulging folder of tips – and this one is an absolute game changer. Apparently, there's a simple way to tame static hair and flyaways and it's all down to a bit of tin foil (or aluminium foil).

From getting the perfect passport photo to learning how not to apply the new Jones Road foundation, we've learnt a lot from TikTok. So when @laurentpreble brought this little trick to the internet's attention, everyone was all ears.

Laura was complaining about the static in her hair, when she received a comment, which read: "Use tinfoil sis! Trust me." She then decided to try it out and the results? Amazing.

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People are living for this viral beauty hack that tames fluffy hair with tin foil
People are living for this viral beauty hack that tames fluffy hair with tin foil. Picture: @laurentpreble via TikTok

It's pretty simple really. All you need to do is grab a piece of tin foil and run it through your hair where you can see the static and watch it instantly become tamer.

"Normally when I run my fingers through my hair it just flows better, but today it's just static-y and annoying, so let's see if it works," Laura explained. She then drags a sheet of foil through her hair, and she's floored by the results: "Are you absolutely kidding me, this looks phenomenal."

Since then, loads of TikTokers have been trying out the hack for themselves.

Apparently, it's not magic: there's actually a scientific reason why this works. "Hair experiences static cling when it becomes charged with electricity," colorist Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger told Well + Good. "Since hair is negatively charged, when it gains extra positive electrons from changes in weather and friction, the result is static hair." 

She added: "Tin foil effectively defends against static because the metal is a conductor, meaning it gathers and transfers away the electric charges from your hair. Rubbing strands with tin foil stops static in its tracks, smooths strands, keeps fly-aways at bay, and restores shine, so hair doesn't look brittle or damaged." 

But wait right there. Before you decided to swap your fancy smoothing oils and brushes for rolls of tin foil, there are some downsides. TikToker @butwhy revealed that the method doesn't last more than 10 minutes on her hair. That's because she lives in Florida, where it can get pretty humid, which means her hair permanently has flyaways. When she tested the method her flyaways came back within minutes…

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