What is the Coconut Challenge on TikTok? The explicit trend explained

23 January 2023, 13:11

Cardi B takes on TikTok's viral Silhouette Challenge

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What is the coconut challenge? A viral clip of Cardi B has left TikTok users baffled over the NSFW trend. Here's what it means.

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The NSFW Coconut Challenge has made it's return to social media thanks to a viral TikTok video. (And it's got absolutely nothing to do with actual coconuts.)

The whole 'coconut challenge' thing actually went viral way back in 2019. According to Know Your Meme, it first popped up on the internet on Twitter on Valentine's Day 2019. Shortly after that, "spell coconut" memes started doing the rounds on social media with people making jokes about the whole thing.

Now, it's resurfaced on TikTok and people who don't already know about it are absolutely baffled by what it means. Here's your explainer about the 'challenge'

What is the Coconut Challenge on TikTok?

TikTok's Coconut challenge explained
TikTok's Coconut challenge explained. Picture: Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, @cardib via Instagram

So, why has the 'coconut challenge' gone viral on TikTok all over again? It seems to be all thanks to an old clip of Cardi B from 2020 that has blown up on the platform.

Posted by @bardi_song, the clip shows an old Instagram Live video of Cardi listening to 'WAP' and talking about how Megan Thee Stallion is "going to do the coconut challenge on the d---". Cardi then falls to the floor and jokingly shouts, "This is bitch is nasty! You nasty bitch!"

The clip has been viewed by 4 million people and has over 1 million likes. And of course, the comment section is full of people wondering what the hell Cardi is talking about. What is the 'coconut challenge'?!

Well, for those who really want to know... The 'coconut challenge' is a trend where you spell out the word 'coconut' with your hips while you're on top during sex, and it's supposed to give your partner maximum pleasure.

People are also coming back to the comments on the video after finding out what the challenge actually is, and their reactions are hilarious.

"Just me causally googling the coconut challenge 😂 my browser history is horrible thanks to tiktok," one user wrote. Another added: "Please, I would forget how to spell coconut."

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