What is the Slap a Teacher Challenge on TikTok? The viral trend explained

1 October 2021, 12:32

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The challenge officially starts in October and students have been warned they will be severely punished for taking part.

As if school wasn't hard enough, now students on TikTok are making things a lot harder for themselves by encouraging the new Slap a Teacher Challenge.

Every week it feels like TikTok users are making up their own viral challenges and trends on the platform that quickly go viral. Recently, we've seen these genius bra strap bracelets explode on the app. And then there was the 'Devious Lick' trend, which saw students steal random items from their schools.

Now, just as schools had started warning their students that they would face harsh punishments for participating in the Devious Lick craze, a new school-based trend has gone viral on TikTok. The Slap a Teacher Challenge is currently gaining traction and schools are warning that those participating could be expelled. Here's what the challenge actually involves.

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What is the Slap a Teacher Challenge on TikTok?

What is the Slap a Teacher Challenge on TikTok?
What is the Slap a Teacher Challenge on TikTok? Picture: Getty Images, @2kute4wordz via TikTok

The Slap a Teacher Challenge is a new TikTok trend which requires students to walk up to their teachers and slap them, ensuring that they capture the whole thing on camera. 

Obviously, that can be deemed as assault and understandably the challenge has received backlash from teachers and parents. IDEA Carver College Preparatory School in San Antonio, Texas, recently sent a text message to the parents of pupils warning them about the challenge, San Antonio Express News reports.

Although there have been no reported slapping incidents, all parents received the message as a "proactive measure". Students have now been warned that if they assault their teachers they would face being expelled from school and be reported to local authorities.

Many teachers have taken to social media to warn teens who take part in the challenge that there will be serious consequences.

The challenge officially starts in October but the rules started circulating TikTok in September. The challenge will then run throughout the entire month and then there will be new challenges in November and December.

In a now-deleted video, a TikTok user actually made a list of challenges that will run each month throughout the school year. The November challenge involves kissing your friend's girlfriend and the December challenge involves flashing your boobs at people in the school corridors. In January, students are encouraged to "jab" a girl, in February you have to vandalise school signs and then in March you need to cause destruction in the courtyard or cafeteria.