Hymen memes are going viral after T.I.'s ridiculous quote about his daughter's virginity

8 November 2019, 17:27

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

After T.I.'s statements about attending his daughter's medical appointment to check that her hymen is "still intact", people are purposely misidentifying what a hymen actually is.

Earlier this week, rapper T.I. drew the ire of the internet after he told two podcast hosts that he attends his daughter Deyjah Harris' annual gynaecologist appointments in order to confirm that her hymen is "still intact", ie that she is still a virgin. People reacted with shock and disgust at the undertones of the statement made on the Ladies Like Us podcast and pointed out how troubling and misguided the behaviour T.I. described is.

Speaking to the hosts of Ladies Like Us, T.I. said: "I will say, as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact." Yikes!

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Although the internet had plenty of strong words for and about the rapper, people also found the amusing side of the deeply problematic views about the hymen. "A hymen is..." is Twitter's new favourite inside joke as people purposely misidentify what a hymen actually is.

The T.I. "that's not a hymen" meme is Twitter's way of poking fun at the bizarre quote.

It all started when someone asked: "How y'all hymens doin'?" This prompted another person to ask, "What's a hymen?"

The meme is similar to the "pee after sex" meme that urged folks to urinate after intercourse or they would get an STD, EDM, PSP, YMCA, SAT or a myriad of other "conditions".

The tongue-in-cheek way of purposefully misunderstanding a simple idea or concept has been applied to T.I.'s hymen statement and the threads are hilarious.

People are "confusing" the hymen with "hydrants", "hymns", "hyenas" and everything in between.


Anyway, in case you actually wanted to know what a hymen is...it's certainly not a definitive indicator of whether ones "virginity" is "intact".

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