People are doing The Emoji Challenge in their group chats and the results are hilarious

29 March 2019, 16:52

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Emoji Challenge is happening across group chats everywhere and the results are HIGHLY creative and entertaining.

Avid emoji fans know that new and highly specific emojis are being added to the collection all the time. It doesn't matter if you're feeling excited, annoyed, pregnant, or like a swirly pile of poop, there's an emoji for every occasion. Now, people are doing the emoji challenge and testing how good they are at replicating some of the weirdest emojis available.

A new period emoji is coming and it's about time

What is the emoji challenge?

People online are sharing photos from their group chats where their friends recreate all types of emojisโ€“especially the underrated ones.

From the swimming emoji to the nose blowing emoji, people are lighting up their GCs with the challenge and sharing the highly entertaining results.

The emoji challenge is the wholesome viral content we need in these trying times. People are trying to one-up to each other and the results will have you rolling over with laughter.

The sunglasses, laptop, and sneezing emojis all seem to be favourites for people doing the challenge.

People are absolutely CRUSHING the emoji challenge with some truly creative renditions.

Don't you wish your group chat was this fire and not just you and your friends sending dog videos back and forth? (Although, no one is disparaging dog videos.)

What do you guys think? Are you and your friends doing the emoji challenge?