Trisha Paytas slammed for "tone-deaf" video about Texas school shooting

25 May 2022, 15:40

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Trisha making the deaths of innocent children about her is the most narcissistic thing I've ever seen."

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Trisha Paytas has been hit with backlash for their comments about sending their unborn child to public school following the tragic Texas school shooting.

On Tuesday (May 24), 21 people, 19 of them being children, sadly died after a gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The 18-year-old shooter, who was killed by police, is thought to have killed his grandmother before carrying out the attack on the school.

Following the horrific news, the YouTuber tweeted their condolences: "Another mass shooting. What are the answers? How are we not able to stop these? More security for our children. Better health care for the mentally ill. This is just horrific."

But then, Trisha – who is currently expecting a baby girl – followed it up with a photo of a text message exchange between them and their husband Moses Hacmon, which stated they would not be sending the child to public school following the shooting. "No public schools for my child, I’ll tell you that. The government needs to do more to keep kids safe but they haven’t done anything and this has been going on too regularly since Columbine 1999," Trisha wrote.

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Trisha Paytas slammed for "tone-deaf" video about Texas school shooting.
Trisha Paytas slammed for "tone-deaf" video about Texas school shooting. Picture: Trisha Paytas via YouTube, Paytas-Hacmon Family Channel via YouTube

Trisha's tweet received backlash for reeking of "privilege" but then they decided to expand on their comments in a new YouTube video titled 'Why I Won't Send My Kids To Public School'.

"We have debated about public school. You know on one hand it helps you socialise and you get to do projects and team things, stuff like that. We always leaned more on them not going to public school for a variety of reasons. It was horrible for me," Trisha explained

"Just bullied by students, and even teachers, I have my own issues with public school. But then options are like private school, which is super expensive, and we're super fortunate that we could send our kid to private school, but a lot can change by the time that happens, circumstances change, but right now that's what we're saving for. It's like a big thing."

Trisha then said that the only other option was homeschool, which they have also considered. "This is definitely the final straw for us. Why? Because we're scared they're going to be involved in a mass shooting. It's such a reality. It's just such a common reality and it happens so often," Trisha continued, before breaking down in tears over the Texas tragedy.

People have now taken issue with Trisha's comments, accusing them of making the school shooting about themselves, ignoring the privilege of being able to send their child to private school and making money off of the tragedy by monetising their video. Others also brought up the fact that Trisha stated they were "disinterested" in politics and didn't vote, showing their ignorance against public issues like gun control.

Trisha actually addressed their issues with politics in the beginning of the video.

They added: "Basically I don't like to hear about politics. I said it's probably because I'm ignorant. I just don't want to learn about it because it just makes me so depressed and obviously it was taken like, 'Well you're privileged. Obviously it doesn't affect you. You know your privilege is talking and your kids will suffer.' I understand that. I totally understand that.

"I was kind of being honest and being like if there's other people like me then you're not alone […] I choose to be ignorant to it and I understand why people say that's a privilege."

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