Ted Bundy and Charles Manson fans are fighting over who's the 'sexiest' serial killer

15 August 2019, 17:50

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

People have set up real Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stan accounts on Twitter.

It's official. Twitter has gone too far. Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stan accounts exist and they're at war.

It is no secret that people are fascinated by true crime. This year alone, viewers have been captivated by numerous films and series based on real life stories, including the likes of The Act (a Joey King drama based on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard saga) and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (a Zac Efron film based on Ted Bundy's murders). However, what you might not know is that this obsession has led people to create social media accounts dedicated to criminals.

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Normally stan accounts are reserved for celebrities but now people are making serial killer ones.

Ted Bundy stans and Charles Manson stans are fighting on Twitter and, honestly, WTF
Ted Bundy stans and Charles Manson stans are fighting on Twitter and, honestly, WTF. Picture: Netflix // ABC

On Tuesday (Aug 13), Twitter account, @artdisease tweeted: "WHY IS THERE BEEF BETWEEN TED BUNDY AND CHARLES MANSON STANS???? HELP!!!!" - and sure enough they were right. People have created social media accounts in honour of Ted Bundy (the man who raped and killed more than 30 women) and Charles Manson (the cult leader who murdered seven people)... and they're fighting over who the 'sexiest' serial killer is.

Just one search on Twitter and you can find tweets of people saying things like: "Charles Manson started a social revolution. Your fave could never" and others clapping back: "imagine supporting a dirty nazi when you could stan Ted." If that weren't enough, there are real accounts with names like "Bundy's Bitch" and "Charles Manson Stan".

Some of the accounts have since been suspended but the internet has documented it all.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is equal parts disgusted and shocked. Charles Manson and Ted Bundy murdered real people and there is nothing to "stan" about them. Thankfully, most of the accounts appear to be fake. It looks like people created them solely for shock value to go viral.

Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and their crimes are no joke.