Tana Mongeau defends her $48 perfume after being called out for copying cheaper brand

29 January 2020, 12:38

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"All that money and the best Tana Mongeau could do was rip off a $5 Hot Topic perfume bottle and call it 'TANA by Tana'."

Tana Mongeau might have just announced her separation from "husband" Jake Paul, but she's not exactly sitting at home and pining for him. The YouTuber decided to make some serious business moves and brought out her own scent.

Tana announced her new perfume in a YouTube video titled "TANA by Tana: The Commercial" posted on 25 January, which featured an advert for her new perfume – TANA by Tana. In the commercial, we see a variety of different "Tanas" trying to come up with a name for the new perfume, including a businesswoman Tana, a hungry Tana and a Tana using Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's Conspiracy eyeshadow palette.

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The clip finished with a vlog filmed in Tana's house where she explains that she has been working on her fragrance for a year and she has even had help from a perfume mogul herself, Paris Hilton.

Tana Mongeau with her new perfume TANA by Tana
Tana Mongeau with her new perfume TANA by Tana. Picture: Tana Mongeau via YouTube, @tanamongeau via Instagram

"I grew up poor as fuck, so I was always stealing or trying to find money to buy very cheap perfume," she explained. "My favourite cheap perfumes were the quintessential Target, Walgreens, Walmart, French vanilla scents, like $5 bottles, or free when you steal it. Just like hooker scents."

TANA by Tana comes packaged in a glass skull and the scent is a mix of "flirty top notes of Tahitian vanilla and a head turning base of vivid, sexy citrus". There's also "subtle notes of Argan oils" in there too. Smelling like Tana doesn't come cheap, though. Unlike the $5 bottles of perfume she used to love back in the day, a bottle of TANA by Tana will cost you $48.

Fans couldn't believe Tana was actually selling her scent for almost $50.

People also mentioned how Tana's perfume packaging looked similar to that of retail chain Hot Topic.

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However, Tana responded on Twitter: "no! no shade to hot topic but my bottle is not cheap tiny acrylic rollerball shit! i love the skull. i made this perfume at a time of my life where that rly embodied my brand/me. but it is a super thick glass bottle & metal details. i went thru 1,000 different bottles. foh [sic]."

The price point or packaging didn't appear to bother Tana's fans one bit, though. Although Tana stocked up on her scent, expecting to sell out within a matter of weeks, TANA by Tana sold out 76 minutes after she dropped the video.

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