Tana Mongeau films Jake Paul naked in the shower and teases sex tape

17 October 2019, 17:28

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Tana Mongeau posted the nude video of Jake Paul on her Instagram stories.

Tana Mongeau is living her best life right now and that includes filming explicit naked videos of her ~clout~ husband Jake Paul.

Tana made headlines with Jake earlier this year when the YouTubers started publicly dating in April. They later got engaged and then married in July but Tana later admitted that the marriage wasn't legal. In a YouTube video, Tana said: "I wanted to not do it legally — but any wedding I have... if I had three more fucking weddings I wouldn't want to do it on paper because I think legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love." 

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In other words, their relationship is real even if their marriage isn't "legally binding". Now Tana and Jake are taking things to the next level. Tana is sharing nude videos of Jake with all her followers and teasing a sex tape starring the two of them.

Tana Mongeau films Jake Paul naked in the shower and teases sex tape
Tana Mongeau films Jake Paul naked in the shower and teases sex tape. Picture: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Sugar Factory, @tanamongeau via Instagram

Yesterday (Oct 16), Tana took to Instagram stories to get her fans even more... um... acquainted with Jake. In the video, Jake can be seen completely in the buff posing for videographer Andrew Blue. Tana then mocks Jake as he washes himself in the shower saying: "We get it, like, you shower. Like, you're so fucking hygienic. You're boxing. You're so hygienic and healthy. We get it." Academy Award.

If that weren't enough, Jake then tweeted: "soooo i’m butt ass naked on tanas story". Tana then added: "we're so close to a sex tape". Touché.

Andrew Blue also gave us a little bit of background information as to how he and Tana ended up filming Jake in his birthday suit. He tweeted: "Tana came over last night and things got interesting for this new video. Yeah I saw jake butt ass naked."

Still no idea as to what this is all for but we imagine that we'll see more of Jake's naked body on YouTube in due course.

Thank you nude cinematographer Tana Mongeau for the exclusive preview.