Spotify Wrapped's Sound Town memes: All the funniest reactions

30 November 2023, 16:56

Taylor Swift thanks fans for making her top of their Spotify Wrapped playlists

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Spotify is trying to make a gay commune in Berkeley, a lesbian commune in Burlington, and a bisexual commune in Cambridge."

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As expected, Spotify Wrapped 2023 has caused pure chaos on social media. Alongside your Top Songs and Top Artists, this year's Wrapped tells Spotify users where in the world matches their music tastes.

But what was likely intended to be a cute little sharable slide has turned into one of the funniest memes to come out of 2023.

There's countless cities and towns all over the world that have popped up in listeners' Wrapped reports. From York and Islington in the UK to places like College Station, Cambridge and Burlington in the US. If you listen to non English-language music, places like Bangkok, Thailand and Noida, India could pop up depending on your preferred genres.

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However, users have noticed a hilarious correlation between three specific places in the US and the sexual orientation of the listeners who have ended up being matched with those cities. Others are also reacting to being placed in a completely different town to their friends.

Here's the funniest memes about Spotify's Sound Town.

The memes about Spotify Wrapped's Sound Town is hilarious
The memes about Spotify Wrapped's Sound Town is hilarious. Picture: Spotify, TLC

What random town did Spotify Wrapped place you in?

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