'Spell coconut' memes are out of control and it's all because of this viral sex tip

18 July 2019, 17:28

'Spell coconut' memes are out of control and it's all because of this viral sex tip. Picture: Getty/VH1
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Can you ~ really ~ spell coconut?

The internet loves to educate. Everyday there's always a new wild trick or tip that someone is saying you need to put into practice. Sex and relationship expert Oloni was just out here trying to school us with the 'Where is the clitoris challenge', whilst a sex education video that delivered some little known facts recently went viral. But, today's hot topic is coconuts.

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The best memes of 2019 (so far)

The 'spell coconut' sex tip is really blowing up on the internet right now and you probably don't even know why (sadly, it's nothing to do with eating them). Now people have started making 'spell coconut' memes and, honestly, they're just too much.


What is the 'spell coconut' thing?

Apparently, when you're having sex with your partner you're supposed to use your hips and waist to spell coconut for maximum pleasure.

It's not exactly a new thing, though, Know Your Meme reports that it started on Twitter on Valentine's Day 2019. The Twitter user suggested women should start writing "coconut" with their waist to master being on top during sex.

Well, apparently the Kenyan Post picked up on the story and it spread across Facebook. Google searches on the sex tip have now skyrocketed and everyone's talking about it. Some people have even made their own hilarious memes.

Writing coconut is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

...or pregnant.

Spelling is much harder in high pressure situations.

It can get awkward.

I'm out.

Coco... NURLURP?


So alone.

Nollywood always comes through.

You can't always handle the coconut.

Does it actually work though? That's not for us to decide...