What is sky daddy? The meaning behind the TikTok phrase explained

2 December 2020, 11:25

What is sky daddy?
What is sky daddy? Picture: Getty Images, Bravo
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What is sky daddy? Here's the meaning behind the viral phrase.

TikTok basically has its own language now. Everyday there's a new viral phrase popping into our orbit and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. You've probably seen the phrase "sky daddy" being thrown around after it started trending… but what does it actually mean? Here's the phrase and memes explained.

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What is sky daddy?

Sky daddy is just another word for God. Simple. The phrase blew up on TikTok thanks to a viral video from @loveurmother. The TikTok video is filmed outside of an abortion clinic and shows an argument between a pro-lifer and a pro-choice supporter.

The two are arguing because the pro-lifer called someone a "coward". The pro-choice supporter hits back: "But that’s loving her, by calling her a coward? Really? You can shut the fuck up. Because they’re making the best decision that they can in their situation and you’re trying to make them feel bad about it. So go off, Jennifer. Is that the validation you want from sky daddy? Calling people a coward?"

Points were made.

The term then started trending on Twitter and the internet reacted with memes. People are now saying they will be adding "sky daddy" to their vocabulary.

TikTok: never change.