"sHE beLIEveD" memes are going viral and it's all thanks to Billie Eilish

5 April 2019, 17:56

The funniest 'sHE beLIEveD' memes inspired by 'sHE'S brOKen' by Billie Eilish
The funniest 'sHE beLIEveD' memes inspired by 'sHE'S brOKen' by Billie Eilish. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures // FBE: YouTube
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

"sHE'S brOKen" by Billie Eilish has revived the "sHE beLIEveD" meme...

"She believed" memes are breaking the internet and it's all thanks to one of Billie Eilish's first songs: "sHE'S brOKen".

2019 has already been an amazing year for memes. Over the past few weeks alone, we've seen everything from the hilarious "Avenge the fallen" meme to the savage "pregnant with me" meme. The internet never fails us when it comes to blessing us with memorable viral content and it's not stopping anytime a soon. A new meme is taking over the internet and it's actually all down to Billie Eilish and a popular teenage phrase.

Listen to the song that inspired the "sHE beLIEved" meme below.

Billie Eilish - sHE's brOKen

Back in 2015, Billie Eilish uploaded the song 'sHE'S brOKen' to SoundCloud. The song is about a failed relationship in which a girl is hurt by a boy but the boy feels no remorse. It plays on the fact that the words "he's ok" are inside the phrase "she's broken". Billie was only 13 when she released the song and the title is actually very reminiscent of the popular teen phrase "sHE beLIEveD" (he lied).

Obviously Billie has grown a lot as an artist since then but fans still love the track and someone noticed the comments under it were all praising Billie for how deep she was. Now for a 13-year-old Billie was deep (seriously there's no way I could write a song that good then or now) but, what many of her fans may not know is that, "sHE beLIEveD" was a phenomenon long before "sHE'S brOKen".

With that in mind, people took to Twitter to clear things up (shout out to my 2012 Tumblr users who were mesmerised by the "sHE beLIEveD" craze) and the conversation quickly inspired a whole new set of great "sHE beLIEveD" and "sHE'S brOKen" memes in which people apply the phrases to films or find their own phrases within them. Here are just a few of the funniest ones.

The context.

Everyone has their time. Let's not be rude to these teenagers. We've all been there.

Maybe it never actually said "he lied".

Sbeve hive raise your hands!

Be honest though. 13-year-old you was shook.

An iconic time.

Still it's important that we let the youth know we've been there.


Now this is too specific.

I'm crying.

Why does this make so much sense?

Gone Girl truly is THAT film.

sHE beLIEveD with audio.

Wonder Woman knows.

Uber users can I get an amen?!


Obviously sHE'S brOKen is getting memed too.

Why is this so perfect?!

This one is for all of the Eastenders viewers out there.


Barbie huns where u at?

We stan.

And last but not least...

...we need to log off.