People are putting shaving cream in their Crocs and the videos are weirdly addictive

7 May 2019, 19:34

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The shaving cream in Crocs trend is going viral on TikTok and the bizarre videos will have you hitting replay.

Another day, another TikTok trend that will leave you scratching your head and hitting replay. People are putting shaving cream inside their Crocs and you won't be able to look away from the short but addictive videos.

People are doing the Vans Challenge with Crocs now

TikTok users and people on other platforms are shoving their feet inside shaving cream filled Crocs because of the gratifying visual of shaving cream spraying out of the holes in the infamously practical footwear. We're not sure who started the Crocs in shaving cream trend but the videos have us wishing we owned a pair just so we could try it out.

When you spread shaving cream inside a pair of Crocs and then put your feet inside, the shaving cream sprays out in thin, long ropes. It's precisely the type of thing you used to do when you were home alone and bored as a kid and, now, people are trying it and posting the videos on social media.

It's safe to say that people are pretty divided over the wild new viral trend.

We wouldn't say we're exactly sold on this weird TikTok trend but we're not averse to trying it for ourselves, either.

H/T: Buzzfeed

What do you guys think of the shaving cream inside Crocs trend?