Trisha Paytas says Shane Dawson "deserves to be forgiven"

11 October 2021, 17:18

Trisha Paytas calls out Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams following podcast

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What did Shane Dawson do? Here's how Trisha's opinion has changed now Shane is back on YouTube.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has forgiven their former friend Shane Dawson.

Trisha and Shane were actually best friends until January 2021 (Shane was even going to be best man at Trisha's upcoming wedding to Moses Hacmon) when the pair fell out after Shane refused to defend Trisha during their argument with Jeffree Star. Trisha was particularly annoyed because they had continuously defended Shane throughout his many public controversies.

At the time, Trisha tweeted: "A big fuck you to shane dawson. I’ve been hearing this shit for years and refused to believe it. Trying to set me up - ur loser ass fiancé that no one cares about lied his ass off today. U guys are both scum , I can’t believe u say shit behind my back all these years - I NEVER!"

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Trisha Paytas forgives Shane Dawson
Trisha Paytas forgives Shane Dawson. Picture: @trishapaytasbackup via Instagram, shane via YouTube

Trisha has since maintained that Shane should be held accountable for his past offensive behaviour, which has included racism, blackface and gags about paedophillia. However, it now seems that Trisha's thoughts on Shane have changed.

Last week (Oct 7), Shane returned to YouTube for the first time in 15 months with the first of a three-part video series titled 'The Haunting of Shane Dawson'. Until then, Shane has remained virtually silent on social media and YouTube after being cancelled for his problematic behaviour.

In the video, Shane addressed his past scandals and offensive videos. The video quickly became the number one trending video on YouTube and received thousands of Likes. Now Trisha says they believe Shane deserves another chance.

Speaking on a recent live stream, Trisha said: "I think everyone makes mistakes. I think everyone deserves to be forgiven. I feel like, you know, everyone deserves second or third chances. As a public figure do you have to give that? No. If you don't like him, you don't like him but he has something that is just very charming and magnetic, and people like him."

Trisha did not say if they planned to mend their friendship with Shane, but they did compare Shane's current situation to their own. Trisha is currently in the internet's bad books (again) following their fall out with Ethan Klein over their Frenemies podcast.

Trisha continued: "Again, who wants to put anyone in a dark place? If you don't want to support him I totally understand that. It's like with me, I understand why people don't want to support me. That's totally fine, but I do believe in second, third or fourth chances."

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