Shane Dawson faces backlash after clapping back at Tati Westbrook on Instagram Live

1 July 2020, 11:27

Shane Dawson calls Tati Westbrook “manipulative” in Instagram Live reaction video

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

People are calling out Shane Dawson for instantly clapping back at Tati Westbrook but not apologising to Willow Smith.

Shane Dawson has responded to Tati Westbrook's accusations that he and Jeffree Star coerced her into trying to take down James Charles with her "Bye Sister!" video in 2019. However, he is already facing backlash for his Instagram Live response.

Yesterday (Jun 30), Tati Westbrook posted a video titled 'Breaking My Silence' in which she apologises to James Charles for her 2019 videos, claims that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star were feeding her false information about James and says that they have been blackmailing her and other members of the beauty industry. The video already has over 5.3 million views.

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As soon as Tati's video aired, Shane took to Instagram Live to call Tati "manipulative" but now he is coming under fire for it.

Shane Dawson faces backlash after clapping back at Tati Westbrook on Instagram Live
Shane Dawson faces backlash after clapping back at Tati Westbrook on Instagram Live. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram, Tati Westbrook via YouTube

In Shane's Instagram Live reaction, he screams "oh my god" multiple times as Tati's video plays in the background. He then accuses her of messaging drama channels and he says: "She is a fucking… I don’t want to say mean things about people. This is insane. You are so manipulative. You're fake crying. You are fake crying.", before ending the livestream abruptly.

People are now calling out Shane for responding immediately to Tati's video but still not apologising to Willow Smith or her family after a video of him pretending to masturbate over a poster of her as an 11-year-old went viral. Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jaden Smith have both slammed Shane for his actions but he is yet to publicly address them.

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One person tweeted: "so willow smiths mother and brother can go at shane dawson on twitter for the disgusting shit he did at her 11 year old face and he wont acknowledge it but hes screaming and crying over a video tati westbrook made only 30 minutes after it came out ? that doesnt sit right w me".

People are also criticising Shane for dismissing Tati's comments about being a victim of sexual assault.

As it stands, Shane and Tati are yet to say anything else. We shall update you if they do.