Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are looking for a surrogate to carry their baby

27 January 2022, 12:12

Shane Dawson shares trailer for Part 3 of his YouTube series

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"We started the process of trying to figure it out."

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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have started the process of finding a surrogate to carry their child.

The YouTubers, who have been in a relationship since 2016, have been very open about how much they would like to have children together in the past.

Last year, Ryland revealed that they had purchased baby clothes to start "putting energy into the world about wanting to have a kid". The couple also left California and moved to Colorado to be closer to Ryland's family for when they raise their future children.

At the time, Ryland and Shane didn't say if they were considering surrogacy, adoption or another method to start their family. But now, Ryland has revealed that the surrogacy process is underway.

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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.
Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams. Picture: @rylandadams via Instagram

Speaking on his podcast The Sip on Wednesday (Jan 26), titled 'Having a BABY Soon??…& Our Wildest Fantasies!', Ryland and his co-host Lizze Gordon discussed Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently becoming first-time parents to a baby girl via surrogate.

Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby for a couple who are unable to conceive or carry a baby themselves. The baby's biological mother can be inseminated with the father's sperm or an embryo can be created using a donor egg and implanted in the uterus.

Ryland said: "We started the process of trying to figure it out and even with like a surrogacy agency the waitlist is 18 to 36 months if you start today." Lizze then interjected: "Well, you should start today."

"I know," Ryland replied. "But that's not the only stop. Then you have to have, like, a fertility clinic, that's where you find the egg and then you also have to find the surrogacy and then you have all the legal work."

Having a BABY Soon??…& Our Wildest Fantasies!

Lizzie then joked that they should have a "pregnancy pact" so they're both expecting at the same time, and Ryland replied: "I have a lot more that I need to align."

Well, it seems we won't have to wait too long to hear the pitter patter of baby Dawson-Adams' feet.

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