Shane Dawson's merch is being resold on eBay for hundreds of dollars

16 October 2019, 12:51

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shane's first merch collection with Jeffree Star sold out within minutes – but a restock is happening very soon.

We knew Shane x Jeffree szn was going to be crazy but we definitely underestimated just how crazy. Ahead of the release of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's makeup collaboration, Shane just launched a brand new merch store yesterday (October 15) that sold out within minutes of going live.

Shane took to Twitter to thank his fans and Jeffree for their support before Jeffree revealed that Shane's launch was one of the biggest launches Killer Merch has ever seen.

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The pair also later confirmed that a restock would be happening very soon after thousands of people failed to get their hands on the goods.

In fact, the launch and demand for Shane's merch was so huge, people are now selling items from the collection on eBay for absolutely ridiculous prices. That $80 pig backpack? It's being listed at $500. Yeah... ridiculous.

Shane Dawson's merch collection is being resold on eBay for huge amounts
Shane Dawson's merch collection is being resold on eBay for huge amounts. Picture:, eBay

The black pig hoodie is available to 'buy now' for $98. (Original price $45)

The pink pig backpack that features in the trailer for 'The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star' has been listed for a whopping $495. (Original price $80)

A pair of pig slides are also going for $200 (Original price $40)

As Jeffree and Shane have explained, the first restock will be happening very soon with multiple restocks happening in the future. This is not a one time drop and the products are not limited edition.

Seeing as the demand for Shane's merch was so high, fake items will probably make their way onto resale sites and marketplaces like eBay too... so beware if you're purchasing something that isn't coming directly from Shane's website.

Our advice? Be patient, wait for the restock and make sure you spend your money at Shane's store and at Shane's prices.