Shane Dawson is selling "unnamed green shade" hoodie merch in honour of his palette

8 November 2019, 12:30

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Shane Dawson's "unnamed green" hoodie will drop on Friday 8 November.

Shane Dawson is listening to his fans and giving the people what they really want. The YouTuber announced that there would be a new item of clothing joining the Shane Dawson merch family – a bright "unnamed green" hoodie.

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If you'll remember, Shane documented every part of the Conspiracy collection creative process in his YouTube series. He also showed the creation of his new line of merch, negotiating a deal with Jeffree Star's Killer Merch brand. Whilst choosing the shades for his sold-out Conspiracy palette with Jeffree Star, he had to whittle it down to just a few pans of eyeshadow and Shane ended up ditching an unnamed green shade.

Shane Dawson's new merch.
Shane Dawson's new merch. Picture: shane via YouTube, @shanedawson via Twitter

Needless to say, everyone absolutely loved it and they were devastated that it didn't make the final cut. Well, Shane has obviously been keeping his eye on what his fans have been saying and now he's releasing the unnamed green shade – but it won't be an eyeshadow. Shane is releasing the shade in the form of a hoodie, complete with the iconic pig logo.

He tweeted: "In honor of the 'unnamed green shade' killer merch made me a green pig hoodie!" Shane also revealed that the hoodie will be available today (Friday 8 November) on his website,

Unsurprisingly, his fans were living for the news – but they still want that shadow.

It's not just the new green hoodie that will be dropping on Friday either. The collection will receive a small restock of the black and pink embroidered hoodies, and the phone cases. A bigger restock will be announced at a later date.

Shane launched his new merch store in October and it sold out within minutes of going on sale. The line includes hoodies, t-shirts, slides, backpacks and phone cases with his signature pig logo plastered on everything.

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Jeffree revealed that Shane's launch was one of the biggest launches Killer Merch had ever seen. People even started reselling Shane's merch on eBay for triple the asking price.

Whew, there goes our bank balance.