Shane Dawson releases 'pig' merch collection with Jeffree Star

27 November 2019, 20:57

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shane and Jeffree's new merch collection includes hoodies, t-shirts, slides, backpacks and phone cases. Here are all the prices and restock information.

Well, this is it. This is the year that Shane Dawson finally takes all our money. An eyeshadow palette and a new merch collection? It's honestly game over for all of us.

Yes, friends, alongside the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and makeup collaboration with Jeffree Star, Shane is also dropping a brand new merch line with the help of Jeffree's company Killer Merch.

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The collection includes two pig backpacks, a selection of hoodies (in both black and pink) and a number of other iconic products that we all definitely absolutely 100% need to survive the harsh winter.

UPDATE: The collection will receive another restock on Friday November 29th. All of the items will be restocked including hoodies, tracksuits and backpacks. A new black pig bathrobe, a black reusable cup and a pig Christmas sweater will also be added. It will be available at

Shane Dawson merch: Every item available on the site
Shane Dawson merch: Every item available on the site. Picture:

The Shane Dawson merch collection includes:

- Four hoodies: a black and a pink hoodie with a small pig design, one black with an all over pig print and a black hoodie that says 'OH MY GOD' ($45 each)

- Black pig 'OH MY GOD' Joggers ($45)

- Two pig backpacks in black and pink ($80)

- 'Conspiracy' t-shirt ($25) and 'Conspiracy' hoodie ($45)

- Two pig baseball caps ($25 each)

- Black pig slides ($40)

- Two phone cases: one 'SD' illuminati design and one black pig design ($18 each)

- An Andrew Siwicki 'EdiTEAing' hoodie ($55, in three different colours)

- Black reusable metal cup ($25)

- Black embroidered pig robe

- Pig knit Christmas sweater

Sizes range from Small all the way up to a 4X Large. Sizing measurements are available on the site.

Shane previously released a limited edition green hoodie in honour of the "unnamed green shade" from his palette. (That shade now has a name - Put It Back! - and will be sold as a single and as part of the new Mini Conspiracy palette.)

Shane Dawson just dropped a huge pig merch line
Shane Dawson just dropped a huge pig merch line. Picture:

Is Shane Dawson's merch a limited drop? Will there be a restock?

As Jeffree said in his Instagram story, while it's expected to sell out fast, it will NOT be a limited edition drop. The merch will replenished multiple times if it sells out so if you don't manage to secure the bag on the first go, try again after the restock. The first drop sold out within minutes, with Shane taking to Twitter to thank fans (and Jeffree) for everything.

Jeffree later confirmed that the store will be restocking the pink and black embroidered pig logo hoodies as well as the phone cases and the Conspiracy hoodie and t-shirt.

Other items such as the backpacks take longer to manufacture which means we'll be waiting a little longer to those to restock on the site.

When does the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and collection restock?

After selling out on launch day, Jeffree later confirmed that the full Conspiracy collection will restock at some point in early 2020 due to manufacturing time frames.

There will be a small restock of 60,000 Conspiracy palettes and 60,000 Mini Controversy palettes available to pre-order on ONLY on Tuesday November 5th.

For all the info on the Conspiracy makeup collection, click here.