Jeffree Star reveals he made $20 million from one palette

5 October 2019, 16:33

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Fans think Jeffree Star's blood sugar palette earned him $20 million after he revealed his earnings in the latest episode of The 'Beautiful World of Jeffree Star'.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are pulling back the curtain on the beauty world's best-kept secrets in their new documentary series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. The first episode in the series introduced fans to Jeffree's lavish and high flying world. However, the latest instalment, "The Secrets of The Beauty World", shares the rarely spoken about facts and figures behind some of the industry's biggest influencer collabs.

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Amid all the unbelievable tea spilling, Jeffree Star dropped an eye-watering piece of information. The beauty mogul revealed to Shane that his best performing palette banked him $20,800,000. Yes, that's TWENTY MILLION from one palette.

Shane Dawson Jeffree Star
Shane Dawson Jeffree Star. Picture: Shane Dawson/Instagram

The episode really dove into the numbers and Shane did not shy away from asking some awkward questions.

"If you had to give a number, how much did you personally, like, in your bank account, take home for, like, your biggest palette," Shane asks Jeffree 17 minutes into the video.

"It's hard to say on one specific one. I have to do a little number work," Jeffree says, pulling up his phone's calculator.

In the next scene, we see Shane and Jeffree talking in hushed tones near a pink vanity. Jeffree explains that he'd shave a million or two off the figure for various overhead costs but that the amount he earned for his biggest palette was $20+ million dollars.

Jeffree Star net worth
Jeffree Star reveals that he made 20 million dollars from one palette. Picture: Shane Dawson/YouTube

For comparison, Jeffree also revealed that popular beauty guru NikkieTutorials took home just $50,000 overall for a collaboration with a huge brand.

Jeffree didn't specify which of his palettes was the 20 million dollar earner, however, the incredibly well-reviewed "Blood Sugar" and "Jawbreaker" palettes seem like strong contenders.

Watch the new episode of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star below.

The Secrets of the Beauty World

It's no secret that Jeffree Star is rich. However, Jeffree's revelation is really driving that point home. Forbes estimated his 2018 earnings at $18 million, landing him the number 5 spot on the list of highest paid YouTube stars.

Jeffree and Shane seem to be working hard on the "Conspiracy" palette, so we hope they continue to be open about the revenue on that.

What do you guys think? Were you shook to find out how much Jeffree made from the palette?