Shane Dawson shares first deleted scenes from The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

15 January 2020, 15:12

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Shane Dawson showed fans snippets of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star deleted scenes on his Instagram stories.

After teasing The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star deleted scenes for weeks, Shane Dawson has now shared snippets of them.

Shane Dawson released his The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star docu-series on YouTube last autumn. Since then, he has said that there is loads of unseen footage that never saw the light of day and, earlier this month (Jan 7), he revealed that he plans to share deleted scenes from the series. He said that he will post them on his new makeup YouTube channel ShaneGlossin.

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As it stands, Shane is still editing the footage down to post on ShaneGlossin. However, he did take to Instagram stories last night (Jan 14) to update fans with where he's at and show them a few scenes that never made it into the original series.

Shane Dawson posts The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star deleted scenes on Instagram
Shane Dawson posts The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star deleted scenes on Instagram. Picture: shane via YouTube, @shanedawson via Instagram

Shane explained: "I've been editing and I am putting together the deleted scenes. A current issue is there are two hours and fifteen minutes of deleted scenes. So I need to figure this out. So hopefully new video soon on the Shane Glossin channel. I can't believe that's a thing. It's just so funny. I guess I'll just pick my favourite deleted scenes. There's a lot of them."

He then added: "I think I needed a minute away from it and then now that I'm looking at this footage again, it's just so fun watching all of us just getting so into it. All these storylines that I kind of threw away just for time or it didn't fit. Some of them I wish I wouldn't have taken those out."

Shane continued: "I don't really know how I'm gonna structure this video. It might literally just be a long video of deleted scenes that don't really connect. It might not be entertaining. I need to figure it out but it definitely won't be two hours. I promise. I'll figure it out."

He then shared clips of just a few of the deleted scenes. In one, Shane holds up a Thirsty palette and says: "I liked the 3-D element where you could feel the little cum drops." Jeffree then adds: "This is inspired by Garrett's forehead." In another, Jeffree says "Brendon do I have any marijuana in the arcade room?" and Shane cracks up laughing.

Jeffree also shares a clip of him and Jeffree discussing the pig lip bundle in a business meeting.


Shane ends the video saying: "So I'm gonna keep working on this and kind of just find all of these moments and scenes that I really enjoy watching and then I'll put them all together and I'll see what happens. I've never done deleted scenes before, this is so weird."

It's currently unclear if the deleted scenes will feature any of the content Shane filmed about the dramatic fall out between James Charles and Tati Westbrook, dubbed 'Dramageddon'. We shall update you as soon as we know more.