Shane Dawson says there is no police investigation into him following rumours

10 July 2020, 13:19

Shane Dawson apologises for making racist YouTube videos

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

In a text message to Keemstar, Shane said that his attorney confirmed with the LA Sheriff office that there is no open investigation.

Rumours surrounding a police investigation into Shane Dawson recently began circulating and now Shane appears to have confirmed that they are false.

Following the recently resurfaced past videos and accusations made against Shane, multiple rumours began circulating that an investigation had been launched into his behaviour. These rumours appeared to stem from a video uploaded by Sanders Kennedy on July 7.

In the video, Kennedy claims that the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) allegedly and exclusively informed him that "there is an official investigation going with Shane Dawson and the allegations that's being brought to them."

As reported by Dexerto, Kennedy also tweeted, saying: “This is 'Suspicious Circumstance Investigation' meaning since no victims have come forward yet. That's why they are asking for victims to come forward!” His Twitter account is now locked.

Many viewers pointed out that he had later edited his original video, removing a part where he says "official" investigation. The video has since been made private on his YouTube channel.

Shane Dawson says there's no police investigation on him
Shane Dawson says there's no police investigation into him. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

After catching wind of the rumours, multiple commentary YouTubers (and Twitter users) decided to investigate further.

Def Noodles debunked the claims after speaking with two officers at the LASD. In a follow up tweet, Def Noodles clarified that they "received a 3rd party complaint, but without victims or anyone stepping forward with allegations there is nothing to investigate."

Repzilla also said that there was no open investigation regarding Shane after contacting the LASD for more information.

Keemstar also weighed in on the issue. After speaking briefly about the situation on Drama Alert, Keemstar later shared a screenshot of a text, reportedly sent by Shane, where Shane writes: “My attorney confirmed with the LA Sheriff’s office today that there is no open investigation.”

Based on Shane's response to Keemstar and the debunking of Kennedy's initial video, there is currently no investigation going on in regards to Shane Dawson.

Aside from the message sent to Keemstar, Shane has yet to comment publicly on these rumours.