Shane Dawson reveals chilling details of his upcoming horror movie

19 June 2020, 16:05

Shane Dawson talks about his new Snapchat series

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Shane's new horror movie creepily mirrors real-life events.

Shane Dawson has teased some details on what's to come in his highly-anticipated horror movie.

In May, the YouTuber announced that he'd been using his time in lockdown to work on a horror movie. Shane has been keen to write a horror script since he was a kid and lockdown has been getting his creative juices flowing.

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Well, Shane has now given his fans a taste of what to expect in his big horror movie blockbuster in a new YouTube video titled, "The Demon In My House".

Shane Dawson reveals chilling details of his upcoming horror movie
Shane Dawson reveals chilling details of his upcoming horror movie. Picture: shane via YouTube

The video starts with Shane giving a life update (spoiler alert: he's struggling to find diet root beer), but then the scary stuff starts…

Shane tells multiple stories about a shadowy figure that he believes is living in his house. "So a few months ago I started noticing some things in the house," he began. "Things were really going crazy in the other room. It's like a weird closet by my office that we literally hear noises coming out of. That was really scary. One night, it was about midnight, I see this dark figure walk up the staircase to my office and I turn my head and there's nothing there." Shane went on to say that it happened again the next night and it happens every time he moves house.

The paranormal incidents led him to incorporate it in his writing. Shane's script is about a "demonic entity or shadow figure" that's been following the character its whole life. But he noticed that the more he wrote about the shadow figure, the more scared he got and the incidents became even more frequent, even interrupting one of his personal training sessions over FaceTime.

But, things got even spookier when he started writing about a character who is a grandmother. Shane said his mother Teresa regularly feels like they get messages from Shane's grandmother, who is now deceased. Apparently, she instructed Teresa to head to the garage where she pulled out a painting that had always scared Shane when he was younger – a painting of a redhead girl on her knees. When Shane's grandmother's was dying she kept seeing a little redhead girl while in the hospital but no-one was there. As well as discovering the creepy painting, Shane's mother then stumbled on an old picture Shane had coloured in when he was a child of a girl with same red hair.

Watch "The Demon In My House" here.

The Demon In My House

Shane went on to reveal that in his script there's also a little girl that dies and he wrote that before the painting discovery. After all the coincidences, he actually had to go to the therapist to discuss all the paranormal goings on. "When you start opening up doors you've got to be careful. You don't want to invite them in […] what if there's a ghost trying to fucking tell me something," he said.

Now, throughout the time he's telling the story, Shane's videographer, Andrew Siwicki, notes that he's having odd technical issues that are messing up with his camera. Shane also says that he has been experiencing the same odd difficulties. "This camera never does that," Andrew says.

We've got chills.

Shane Dawson YouTube video
Shane Dawson YouTube video. Picture: shane via YouTube

Shane hopes to complete writing the movie this year and shoot it in 2021. He promises to document the whole process behind the scenes for his YouTube channel.

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