Shane Dawson reveals new beauty YouTube channel "ShaneGlossin"

7 January 2020, 16:15

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jeffree Star is shaking!

Shane Dawson has revealed that he launched a beauty YouTube channel – and we all had no idea. The YouTuber's new channel – named ShaneGlossin – will give him a chance to play with makeup again following the success of his Conspiracy collection with Jeffree Star.

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In 2019, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson decided to create the iconic Conspiracy collection, featuring eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and even merch. The entire process was documented in Shane's series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, and it was an incredibly emotional ride. Unsurprisingly, the collaboration was an instant hit, selling out in 30 minutes and crashing Jeffree's website. In fact, it was Jeffree's biggest launch to date.

Shane Dawson Kylie Skin Review
Shane Dawson Kylie Skin Review. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram, Jeffree Star via YouTube

However, since releasing the documentary and his collection Shane has gone into hibernation mode. The YouTuber hasn't posted about makeup on social media, prompting a Twitter account to accuse him of jumping on the beauty bandwagon for cash.

"shane dawson sold us this lie that he was 'into makeup now' and 'a beauty guru' to get his palette to sell, but i dont think i have seen a SINGLE makeup look from him since his palette sold out just sayin [sic]," they tweeted.

Shane uncharacteristically clapped back at the account and insisted he is very much still playing with makeup behind closed doors. He replied: "I play with makeup almost daily. I just don’t post about it because I’m not in the mood to post. After a series I tend to gain weight, spiral, and hibernate for a couple months. Currently in that phase. Haha.

"And before someone says 'why are u searching urself' I just wanna show that this popped up on my homepage. Haha k back to my hibernation station."

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He added: "And I rarely respond to stuff like this but I did because I understand that it may look like I don’t care anymore cause I don’t post but I promise my passion for it hasn’t died. It’s one of the only things that makes me happy and calm. I bring my brushes everywhere I go."

Shane Dawson Tweets
Shane Dawson Tweets. Picture: @shanedawson via Twitter

Shane then shared he had launched new channel ShaneGlossin (a nod to his Conspiracy collection lipgloss, FYI), which featured a photo from his Conspiracy campaign.

At the time, INSIDER reports that he had one video titled "Test", showing Shane riding a sled down a snow-covered slope.

Sharing the link on Instagram, "I made another channel for makeup videos and also anything random that I feel like posting. I just wanted a low pressure place to post stuff if I'm feeling creative or inspired at 3am haha"

"I’ve been wanting to try some stuff when I get out of my funk," Shane added on Twitter.

Shane Dawson launches new YouTube channel called "ShaneGlossin"
Shane Dawson launches new YouTube channel called "ShaneGlossin". Picture: YouTube

In a screenshot from his YouTube channel, Shane explained why he opened his second channel in a statement that appears to have been deleted. He wrote: "I know makeup related stuff isn't for everyone so I started a channel that kind of stuff if ur interested! I thought it might be fun to have a place where I could make random videos where I have fun with makeup and it could be a more lowkey creative outlet for me."

Shane went on to say that he may drop deleted scenes from his last series on his second channel. He added: "Don't worry, I'm not trying to be a guru or anything! I just thought it could be a fun hobby and cool to have a low pressure place to post stuff like that."

There's no word on when Shane Dawson beauty content is incoming but whenever the day comes WE ARE READY.