Shane Dawson has revealed his dog Charlie has passed away

16 December 2020, 11:55

Ryland Adams announces that his and Shane Dawson's kitten has passed away

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Charlie was Shane's first dog and appeared in his early YouTube videos.

Shane Dawson's dog Charlie has sadly passed away. This comes just a few weeks after the death of his cat Mario.

Charlie, a Golden Retriever, often appeared in Shane's earlier YouTube videos. He left Charlie with his mother to keep her company when he moved out. The YouTuber has now given an emotional tribute to Charlie on Instagram.

He said: "Charlie, for 11 years you brought so much love and so much protection to my family. You took care of me during some very hard times in my life. You kept my mom safe when I moved out and you became the man of the house and made sure she was never lonely. I love you so much Charlie and I’m so grateful God brought you into my families life. I will think about you everyday. We love you so much."

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Shane then started sharing photos of angel statues on his Instagram Stories thanking his friends for gifting them to him and saying that his other cat Cheeto hasn't left its side.

Shane then shared photos of Mario, Cheeto, Honey and Uno (his other pets) in a wooden picture frame. He wrote: "Sorry for all the angel related posts. Just feeling really grateful tonight. I was missing Mario so much tonight and still haven't fully processed Charlie but I just looked around my house at all the love and it made me feel better. Hope you guys are having a good night."

Shane Dawson Instagram Story
Shane Dawson Instagram Story. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram

In November, Shane and his fiancé Ryland Adams sadly lost their new kitten Mario, only one week after picking him up. The couple adopted him through Trisha Paytas' boyfriend Moses. Shane and Ryland aren't sure what happened to Mario, but he was left with bruising on his lungs after being left unattended with their dogs, and vets were unable to operate on him.

Shane was left heartbroken about Mario's death, opening up about his passing on Ryland's The Sip podcast. He said: "I don't know, I don't want to get too much into the internet shit because that feels so stupid right now but it was a thing. Like, having a person, I mean it's a cat, but I connected with him on such a crazy level – he was my soulmate. Like that cat knew me, I knew him, he trusted me."