The "sex was invented by" meme is the most accurate thing you'll see today

25 July 2019, 17:18

The 'sex was invented by' meme is going viral on Twitter
The 'sex was invented by' meme is going viral on Twitter. Picture: Pexels, Polydor
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

FACT: God did not invent sex, the Jonas Brothers did when they removed their purity rings.

The internet is currently locked in an intense battle to try and figure out exactly who invented the concept of sex and it's already become one of Twitter's finest moments in 2019.

On July 20, a tweet shared by @livingforjc went viral, reading: "Sex was created by God, for marriage, between a husband and wife. Not for a boyfriend and girlfriend that are dating."

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The tweet gained over 52k likes and 15.6k retweets in five days and the controversial religious statement was soon turned into a meme with thousands of people disputing the claim.

Of course, the internet reacted to that tweet in the only way they know how: by stating facts, providing receipts and proving the bible wrong.

But the question still remains, who actually invented sex? And when did they invent it? So many claims for such a bold statement. Was it the music industry at large with their sex bops and suggestive lyrics? Was it the Jonas Brothers specifically? Was it America's Ass Chris Evans? Was it 'mature' rated WattPad fanfics?

Here are your worthy candidates.

It's the summer of 2006 and Brendon, Ryan and Spencer invented sex with a lyric about sweat.

Sex absolutely did not exist until One Direction did this.

Harry Styles is a true ally.

It's 2019, sweetie! Keep up!

This same situation is open to any and all sexual orientations.

Points were made. But they were made by Matty Healy ONLY.

The world now only acknowledges two eras: Before Jennifer's Body (BJB) and After Jennifer's Body (AJB)

Halsey was ahead of her time.

Sex would honestly be nothing without the disco stick euphemism.

Let the records state that the removal of the purity rings marked the invention of sex!

A sun-soaked nautical sexual awakening for us all.

Well, Chris Evans is the human embodiment of God, so...

These are the facts.

Case closed.