Scream Go Hero mobile game goes viral after players share videos of themselves yelling

16 March 2019, 16:13

Scream Go Hero game
Scream Go Hero game. Picture: Ketchapp/Scream Go Hero/Screenshot/E!/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

People are sharing videos of themselves playing Scream Go Hero, a game where you need to scream in order to keep your ninja character alive. The videos are going viral as people share clips and Scream Go Hero memes.

There are plenty of reasons to scream at your phone but a new trend has people yelling at their devices for a less obvious reason. People are uploading screen recordings of themselves playing Scream Go Hero, a mobile game that requires players to yell in order to make the game character move across the screen. Sorry non-iOS users, it doesn't look like a Scream Go Hero android version is available in the Play store.

Scream Go Hero is gaining popularity on social media and the pure absurdity of the recordings have inspired more people to play.

How do you play Scream Go Hero?

The object of the game is to keep your character from falling off the edge of the platform. This is achieved by yelling loudly. Your phone's microphone will pick up on your screams and propel the character forward. The better you scream, the longer your character stays alive. Think Super Mario Bros. but with screaming and a lot less detail.

Scream go hero
Scream go hero. Picture: Ketchapp screenshot

People are playing and sharing their Scream Go Hero videos on Twitter.

The undeniable hilarity of people's parents playing the screaming game could not be overstated.

And players giving it their all is what makes the videos so funny to watch.

Scream Go Hero has already inspired some hilarious memes as well.

Some people are comparing Scream Go Hero to Flappy Bird, a mobile game that went viral a few years ago after some players found it difficult to master.

iPhone users who are curious about the Scream Go Hero app can get their scream on here.

What do you guys think?