It's Scorpio season and the memes about the chaotic sign are too accurate

24 October 2019, 20:55

Scorpio season memes 2019
Scorpio season memes 2019. Picture: CBS Television Distribution, NBC Universal
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Scorpio season memes are everywhere and all the other star signs are shook.

Astrology fans, the scariest time of the year has is upon us. No, not Halloween. It is officially Scorpio season and the rest of the signs are terrified. Certain signs in the Zodiac can get a bad rap, but no sign strikes fear in the heart of astrology geeks quite like Scorpios.

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Scorpio season officially started on October 23 and on top of that, Mercury Retrograde starts on October 31st aka Halloween. It's safe to say people are already anticipating the chaos.

Astrology enthusiasts on social media are tweeting about the start of Scorpio szn and the memes are everything.

Scorpios are ready to do their thing.


Other signs are going ✈️ avoiding Scorpios.

The Scorpios have been working on their mood boards, I see...

Ya'll are something else.

And the scariest thing is that they're plotting.

They're at it again.

Why is this every Scorpio I know???

While we should definitely live in fear of Scorpios, there are plenty of famous Scorpios who have done good for the world. Marie Curie, Lorde, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Ellen Pompeo are all iconic Scorpios. Drake is a Scorpio too, so make of that what you will.

What do you guys think? Who is your favourite Scorpio?