The 'What's Your Red Flag' personality quiz is going viral and it's absolutely savage

11 November 2021, 15:43

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Want to know what your personal red flags are? Get ready to be exposed by the Red Flag personality quiz.

Another day on social media, another savage quiz ripping us all to shreds!

Following on from the hilarious Red Flag meme that took over Twitter last month, a brand new quiz has started going viral on Twitter and TikTok, called 'What's Your Red Flag?'

The quiz was made by uquiz user 'moxie6969' and the results will reveal your one, very specific, red flag... obviously. Of course, it's all just a bit of fun but boy, do those results really make you stop and question your life choices.

Read on to find out all the possible 'red flag' results in the quiz.


The 'What's your red flag' quiz is going viral
The 'What's your red flag' quiz is going viral. Picture: mozcann via Getty, E!

All you have to do in order to find out what your personal red flag apparently is, is answer the 10 questions in the quiz as honestly and truthfully as you can.

The quiz includes questions about your relationship with your parents, your star sign and your reaction to Mufasa dying in The Lion King.

Based on the tweets that have been shared on social media so far, the hilarious results include things like 'daddy or mommy issues', 'gatekeep', 'dry texter', 'non-commital', 'too caught up in what's not real', 'emotionally unavailable', 'lowkey manipulative' and... 'mini-Karen'. Oof.

The 'What's Your Red Flag' personality quiz isn't the only brutally honest quiz that's done the rounds of social media over the past 12 months.

The hilariously harsh Reality Check quiz went viral earlier this year and dished out some pretty savage reality checks to anyone who played. The quiz features 11 random questions and the results include answers like "You're a whiny little bitch and you just need to shut the f*ck up!" Amazing!

Don't worry, there's plenty more *nice* quizzes to play too, like the incredibly detailed personality quiz that tells you which TV characters you're most like according to your answers.

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