The internet is obsessed with this guy in pink thigh high boots and the memes are amazing

2 January 2019, 15:42

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Disney’s live action Kim Possible isn't touching Him Possible"

2018 is done and dusted but it may take some time to settle into the official mood for 2019. If you haven't figured out how you're trying to be for the year, the internet might have just discovered the most iconic vibe yet.

Twitter user @hesosoutheast shared a video of themselves wearing a pair of striking pink thigh high boots and showing off some seriously impressive flips. In the video, @hesosoutheast explains that no one will be playing with him in 2019 and I think we can all agree that that's the ideal vibe for the year.

The flips, the perfect landing, the precision, the message. An icon!

In the video, @hesosoutheast sticks all his landings and perfectly executes the pink boot look. People couldn't get enough of the video and the memes soon followed.

Somebody commission Him Possible today, please.

People have already found a foe for our newest superhero.

Wanting to fight everyone after watching these kinds of films and shows: childhood mood.

Cinematic parallels.

All these movie concepts need to be green lit TODAY.

How I play GTA.

It's safe to say @hessosoutheast is on everyone's mind.

The memes about @hesosoutheast and these iconic pink thigh high boots have us hoping for a feature length crime fighting film. In case you wanted to keep up with 2019's biggest mood, you can follow @hesosoutheast on Twitter and Instagram.