NPC streaming TikTok star Pinkydoll goes viral with "ice cream so good yes yes yes" memes

18 July 2023, 13:10

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

I can't stop saying 'Ice cream so good yes yes yes!!!'

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Sometimes a new TikTok trend comes along and you simply cannot fathom what the hell is happening. And because you clicked on this article, I assume you felt the same way I did after seeing your first "NPC TikTok livestream".

So, what the hell is NPC streaming and why is everyone suddenly saying absolute nonsense like "ice cream so good yes yes yes!" all over my damn feed?

In the past week, there has been an explosion in TikTokers acting like "NPC robots" on livestreams and there is one streamer in particular who has caught everyone's attention, Pinkydoll. So much so that clips from her streams have gone viral all over the internet.

But let's take a step back and start from the beginning.

NPC Streaming TikTok Trend: Pinkydoll and Trisha Paytas
NPC Streaming TikTok Trend: Pinkydoll and Trisha Paytas. Picture: TikTok: @trishapaytas @pinkydoll

What does NPC stand for?

NPC is an abbreviation for Non-Playable Character, commonly found in video games. These characters are part of the game environment and can be interacted with, but they are not controlled by other players.

The term made its way into real-life conversations, where it is used to suggest that someone is unable to think critically and tends to mindlessly echo information fed to them by others. In essence, labelling someone as an NPC implies that they lack originality and continuously repeat the same ideas without independent thought.

What is NPC streaming?

In the world of social media, a new trend has emerged among "NPC influencers", where they loop mannerisms whenever they receive gifts from their viewers.

Platforms like TikTok allow these influencers to cash in on the gifts they receive during their livestreams through the app's coin currency system. For those who maintain a consistent streaming schedule and have a substantial following, this can turn into a highly profitable gig.

At first glance, what the streamers are saying during the stream may seem random, but in fact they are responses to the "gifts" sent by viewers, which they pay for.

For example, the "ice cream so good yes yes yes!" line which went viral was taken from a clip of streamer Pinkydoll reacting to being sent an ice cream gift from a viewer. She is responding in real time to the gifts being sent while pretending to be an NPC character.

Why are people watching NPC streaming?

So you're probably wondering why are people doing this, and is this a kink thing?

Almost anything can be a kink, so maybe these streams are a kink for some, and it has been noted by others that TikTok users with control kinks have been paying NPC streamers to behave like living dolls.

That said, others just seem to find the streamers entertaining, and enjoy watching and contributing to the stream. It's also worth noting that streamers can't do anything explicit on the streams, otherwise they would be banned by TikTok.

Another popular NPC streamer, Cherry Crush, said she did not consider her livestreams to be fetish content. She told the NYT: “I don’t make my show sexually suggestive at all. I always thought it was just funny & entertaining.”

Who is Pinkydoll? How much money does she make?

By far the most viral NPC streamer right now is "NPC girl" Pinkydoll, who's just about to hit 500k followers on TikTok.

Pinkydoll is from Montreal, 27-years-old, and her real name is Fedha Sinon. In an interview with Vice, Pinky revealed that she started using TikTok to make money as a response to personal tragedy.

She told Vice: “I needed money to feed my kid and pay the bills. I had no job. I decided to put all my effort on TikTok to make money and I wasn’t expecting to go viral and make all that money. It was a shock.”

Pinky will spend six hours a day on TikTok, seven days a week, but claims, “it’s not exhausting.”

She said. “I kinda love to go live and reacting to gifts. There are so many and the views going up is boosting me.”

When she first started, Pinky claims she made $250 a day. But when she went viral earlier this month, that turned into $7,000 a day. So, being a NPC influencer for some can really pay!

And now other influencers are taking notice. Even internet influencer veterans like Trisha Paytas are getting in on the act.

Thanks to Pinkydoll's catchphrase, "ice cream so good" memes are now flooding the internet.

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